Jakub Kubiec

“If you have an apple and I have an apple and we exchange apples then you and I will still each have one apple. But if you have an idea and I have an idea and we exchange these ideas, then each of us will have two ideas.”

George Bernard Shaw

About me

I am a psychotherapy consultant with many years of experience in working with people facing mental crises, struggling with a lack of motivation and willingness to act.

I graduated from pedagogical studies in the field of Social Rehabilitation and Prevention, then I worked with people who require special support (homelessness crisis, addictions, sex workers).

During 14 years of my professional work, I had the opportunity to gain experience working with various professional and social groups. I have discovered that mental problems affect people of all cultures, professions and ages.

As a tutor at the School for Leaders, I assisted socially and politically involved people in the process of change and development.

I am currently in the process of obtaining a Master level in Transcultural Positive Psychotherapy.



A new trend in psychotherapy that is currently gaining popularity. It integrates modern methods of work such as psychodynamic psychotherapy, cognitive behavioural psychotherapy (CBT), humanistic psychotherapy and a holistic approach of Eastern science.

Throughout the therapy process in the positive model psychotherapists rely on the clients’ resources, i.e. their experience, knowledge, character traits, and external support. Self-help opportunities are key to help the clients overcome the crisis. The psychotherapist functions as a guide, using the knowledge and tools acquired through education and experience.

The positive psychotherapy trend is recognized by a number of international organizations associating psychotherapists, such as: World Council for Psychotherapy, European Association for Psychotherapy.



It is a form of psychotherapeutic assistance in a situation of a mental crisis resulting, for example, from burnout, long-term stress, lack of motivation or experienced traumas. It is shorter than classic psychotherapy and focuses on solving a crisis situation by the clients themselves, developing a self-help strategy and achieving well-being.


Individual psychotherapeutic consultations

During the meetings, we will be able to work on the balance in the client’s life, on the sources of the current situation and develop effective self-help strategies.

50 min
180 pln
Psychotherapeutic consultation for people burned out / in a motivational crisis

In recent years, thousands of people have faced burnout. Thanks to a specially developed method, you will be able to rediscover the energy and motivation in you.

50 min
150 pln
Psychotherapeutic consultation for teenagers

Growing up is a great challenge for a young person and for the whole family. We must redefine the bonds and values ​​that are important to us. Consultation will help you better understand this process and work out the best solutions.

50 min
150 pln
Assistance with intercultural stress

A special offer for people with difficulties in finding themselves in a foreign culture. I recommend it in particular to intercultural couples, employees posted to other countries.

50 min
Forest therapy

Psychotherapeutic consultation in the form of a walk in the forest. Contact with nature and little exercise in connection with therapeutic consultation will help you restore your balance and understand yourself and your feelings better.

60 min
150 pln



Payment by blik or bank transfer (before the appointment).Access to the office is adapted to the needs of the disabled.

Adres: Wesoła 51 25-362 Kielce - Room 402

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